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One Red Rose


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I always have a few red roses on my desk. I find them inspirational, part of my identity. They make me feel successful and happy, yet they cost so little money. I don't have to have them, but I work better if I do.

Today someone asked me what was so inspirational about them, and I think it gives some food for thought.

When I look at them, I am first touched by a general beauty and infused by a soft scent.

They are so beautiful, they are each unique. Their petals all unfold at a different time, in a different way. Each one displays different shades of red to black, and distracts from all the hard edges on my desk. They are soft, fragile yet strong. They have no sound, but I hear music from their presence.

If I seperate one rose from the others and twirl it in my fingers, I notice how every part of that rose is unique  in its own way. Each leaf has a special pattern and way of unfolding.

When I sit back, and glance across at them in the small vase, I just appreciate every day something truly unique and beautiful right by my side. They are in the last days of their life, but yet they stand so strong and proud and still give to us the energy of the Universe.

In short, it is a reminder that small, simple things can make me very happy :-)

Whether you are male or female, (it is not just a girl thing), take the chance today, select a single rose and just appreciate the simple perfection from nature. Remember, that you too are made from that same energy and also have uniqueness and beauty.


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