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Inspire our Youth with Positive Words, Action and Genuine Interest


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Young people, need more than anything, inspiration.

Whether we are their parent, grandparent, boss, friend, teacher, social leader or sibling we are in a position to influence and inspire them. We can use this power negatively or positively, the choice is ours.

You may wonder why we would choose a negative approach? Well, I dont think we consciously choose that but sometimes emotions and values within us just bring it about without us even being aware. Let us look at some examples:

If you are the brother sister or friend of someone who is very popular, or physically beautiful, or intellectually smart and you feel that you have less of that same feature, perhaps it is instinctive to sort of bring them down a bit. We see it often in relationships, both young and old,  where jealous rivalry controls a lot of interchange of communication, for not necessarily very sound reasons.

If you are the parent of a child who is constantly challenging you, even in a positive way, then you may find this tiring. In an effort to save energy and time, you may cut them short, or worse put them down. You may ( although usually not care to admit it) have a preference for one sibling over another, this is actually quite normal, and then you sometimes negatively impact the one you like less because you feel you are helping the one you prefer.

Recently, I heard a young man of 18 say that his Mum told him he may not get his drivers license, until his older brother had got his. Of course this is incredibly unfair, as the younger boy was motivated and the elder boy not. The Mother often showed a clear preference for the older boy, they got along well, but he was very unmotivated and lazy. She felt that the older boy would feel bad if the younger boy got his license first. Her action reinforced the poor attitude of the elder boy, it caused the younger boy grief that she did not appreciate his positive attitude and I would suggest she also lost energy. In fact a lose/lose situation all round.

In this situation, I would recommened trying to inspire the older boy to do other things he was good at, and allow the younger the freedom to grow at his own pace.

The states of mind such as jealousy, irritation, favouritism, intolerance, inconsideration, tiredness, time constraints, and sometimes our own harsh reality can bring about in all of us an unconscious need to stop someone else in their tracks. It can also be cultural influence such as in the western world it is considered vain to say 'I am beautiful'  ' I am pretty' 'I am handsome' ' I am clever' yet if said from a true belief, and not just vanity, that is a positive thing to say.

Self-promotion is well undervalued, because we must be allowed to express who we are, as much as we express what we have. Society says it is ok to say 'I have a beautiful car' but not ok to say 'I have a beautiful soul' or 'I have a clever mind' and that is rubbish! If we self promoted, we would enjoy better self esteem and it would be easier to also promote others!

The art of motivation works conversely to every day emotions and states. When we do something, or say something, that motivates someone else the immediate payback is that we also feel better ourselves. Even if that person rejects what we give them, we still feel better that we were positive. 

Positive energy attracts positive energy, positive people attract other positive people. They irritate the hell out of negative people who then try to avoid them, which in turn is a huge gift for the positive people - the negative people are not so visible anymore!

If you want a more positive life experience, then approach your world with some lightness and humour. If you see someone with a nice shirt on, tell them! If you are treated well in a business place, tell them you appreciate it! Smile at people, even in the street, you will be well rewarded.

Take one minute more for each person you meet each day! (More about this in my next blog)

Make a special effort, whoever you are, to reach out and inspire the lives of young people and help them understand the power of positive thinking and action. Do not interfere or you will be rejected, just take a positive interest in them and what they are doing and dreaming. Offer them words of encouragement and inspiration. By experiencing the effect of positive influence first hand, many ( not all) of them will begin to experience some new ways to look at life.

Inspire Someone Today - You are Unique and Amazing!

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