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Do Not Accept Less Than Happiness!


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Most people cannot believe that a person can be really happy.

Even less people believe that you can be both happy and successful.

Many think that to be successful means you must give up happiness!

A situation we see often,  happened again just a few nights ago.

A friend and her Mum were enjoying a glass of wine with us in our home. Later in the conversation, my partner Rudy commented to my friend that he knew she had been unhappy in her situation for a long time, and he wondered why she didn’t do something about it.

She said she didn’t really know why, maybe it was just habit and acceptance now after ten long years.

She lives in a place she does not like at all, she is unhappy in her relationship and has some added problems recently.

Rudy said 'you hate where you live, you are not happy with your relationship and it is unlikely to change, you are a lovely person so why not take the opportunity to go and be really happy.'

Her response was ‘ Noone is really happy though, it is a bit unrealistic to expect real happiness isn’t it?’

Rudy said ‘I am happy!’

I said ‘I am happy!’

She laughed a little, and then said ‘ Oh don’t give me any of your fantastic stuff, this magic you believe in, you have problems too in your lives.'

We agreed we, like everyone, have probems intrude on our space quite regularly, usually not things of our own making.  Anyone who has teenagers and extended family can relate to that I am sure.

But we do not have problems with each other, and we do not let external problems spoil our happiness. Problems that enter our lives just have to be dealt with, and we see them just as external factors of life. We deal with them, and get on with as much enjoyment as possible.

Our friend sadly does not believe that you can be happy and still deal with life's meteorites.

She feels that it is normal for people to be unhappy, and in fact she is right. By definition normal means 'typical or usual' and  'of the majority', so if the majority are unhappy and let their external problems control their lives, then it is normal to be unhappy.

Normal, but completely unnecessary!

To be happy;  to feel happiness and joy and appreciation every day is a right of birth, we can rise above everything else, we can reframe it, handle it, manage it out and hopefully dismiss it.

If it’s a small thing ( and you know how many small things cause major grief to some people)  we can even just swat it away, just like a mosquito.

To live our lives, to waste our time being unhappy is crazy when life is so short, and this is the only life we know of.

Don’t waste your life being unhappy, make the decision to change it today!

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You are Amazing! – Appreciate every single day.

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