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Great Leaders Now In Demand


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Great Leaders are now in demand to lead the global economic recovery.

If you are not yet a leader but can identify in yourself all the attributes of a great leader, then now is the time to step forward and seek the challenge. If you are already an established leader with a fabulous track record then the world is your oyster!

Since the misfortunate slide of the global economy in 2007/8, the average leader, appointed on the basis of his or her connections and an MBA, is no longer a viable candidate for companies that need to spearhead a sound recovery for long term shareholder equity.

Investors are starting to demand that the leadership of companies be replaced with new, fresh candidates with a rational balance between transactional and transformational leadership. Candidates that can reduce cost yet grow revenues and profitability in a sustainable way. Investors want leaders who are inspirational, charismatic; who can understand and are involved with their businesses and can accurately forecast some stability. They want leaders who are open, honest and can lead the people to produce excellence consistently. They want to see leaders who can communicate effectively with Boards, bring execution of their vision and have the support of shareholders, staff and customers. Leaders who will be respected. They want Truly Great Leaders!

This is the greatest opening for new leaders to step forward and stop the appointment of new names+same profile that has been happening for decades, the CEO shuffle board game. This is the best chance I have seen in my corporate career for new leadership to move into the limelight and prove what transformational leadership can bring!

This is the time for fresh new energy, for inspirational leaders to fly high and change the corporate landscape!


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