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Focus Minimises Stress Levels


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Sales Legends are incredibly focussed. Not just on winning the deal but on exploring new business within the client, thus simultaneously developing their future and enhancing the client relationship. They are also appropriately focussed on their personal affairs, thus living a relatively well organised and stress minimised life.

Again, we need to take a holistic view of focus to ensure a good life balance for the busy sales executive. To maximise effectiveness everywhere in your life, you need to be focussed on what is important at that moment in time. You need a clear vision and understanding that your priorities are in the right order, and that they take place of focus at the appropriate time. Simply put – when at work focus on work, when at sport focus on the sport, when at home your focus is on family, friends and relaxation.

Your order of priority needs to be adjusted according to where you are, so for example at home your first priority should be your family and relaxation but a second priority is your work, as they can sometimes overlap even with the best laid plans of mice and men! You need to be able to switch quickly from one to another, and back. This way you will minimise stress, and overload.

At work your priority must be work, your client and sales process and unless it is an emergency, or an important occasion that will impact your life if you do not give attention.

People without the ability to appropriately prioritise and focus are the ones who usually burn out!

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