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The Sales Legend is always working on personal, and business, networks to be truly connected. 

On the business level they will be incisive in knowing who really matters, no matter what level they are in society, the workplace, or demographically.  

They are great listeners, yet only speak of things that interest their audiences. They inspire people with passion, energy and personal charisma. They will hear the rumbles of the underground but never engage in idle gossip. 

They often enjoy a good sense of humour and demonstrate high levels of tolerance. They are trusted by their company and their clients.

They will protect and grow their reputation, even taking it as far as building a personal brand.

A Sales Legend knows that who they are, and who they are perceived to be, will dictate the level of access they can enjoy and the doors that are open to them. 

Your reputation often precedes you, particularly in the houses of power and influence.

A Salespersons success and, to a large degree, their future career will be dictated by one thing only – their reputation. It is a profession where reputation matters more than most other professions.

Doors are opened to you based on your reputation. You receive job offers based upon your reputation. You will be promoted or fired based upon your reputation (of course, your numbers also form part of your reputation). You will receive management support relative to your reputation.

Thus a salesperson must protect and build their reputation as a priority in their lives.

Ensure Your Reputation is Solid.

Excerpt from 999 Legendary Selling For The 21st Century

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