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Credibility Is Essential


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Quote from The Little Red Success Book:

' If I cannot, or have not, done the things that I ask you to do, then my credibility is at risk'   Terrie Anderson

It is through continuing to live the teachings in The Little Red Success Book as a lifestyle that I can continue to achieve the goals I set myself, sustain an inner peace and experience great happiness. I have been living the program from The Little Red Success Book for the past 25 years and the principles remain constant, and will do for the forseeable future. I still achieve my goals, and those agreed to with others, and I am really happy.

This does not mean that I have a Lady Luck kind of life where nothing bad ever happens to me, or I have a life untouched by negative events. It means I understand that I cannot control everything that happens to me, or around me, but I can control my reactions to what happens. I can control my daily actions, and only I am responsible for who I am. It is our actions and reactions that carve our destiny.

I look forward to sharing more with you once the ebook is online in just a few weeks.


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