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Tomorrow Is The First Day!


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Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life. Cliché maybe, but ever so true!

Few people are successful and happy, but those few that are, will plan their days to maximise their enjoyment and productivity, and to minimise negative impacts.

Now I don’t mean for a second that you should be boring, and not have impulsive moments. That would not be my kind of day at all. However, if you have a plan, then the opportunity to have positive impulsive experiences is increased.

How can this be?

Well, if we know where we want to go, and what we want to achieve today – then when an impulsive opportunity arises we immediately know if it takes us away from our goals, makes no difference or even helps us get closer! Then we know what to do in most situations that arise, with a relaxed state of mind, confidence and a smile.

So, what do you want to achieve tomorrow?

To achieve this, what frame of mind need you be in?

How should you be dressed to improve your chances of success?

What time do you need to awaken to ensure you look and feel good, and are where you need to be on time?

An example:

Let’s say you want the guy, or girl, at the bus stop to notice you, and you want to apply for a new position in another department.

You will need to be in a positive frame of mind, so you need good sleep, be calm and radiate positive energy. You definitely need to be smiling.

Your dress needs to be interesting, yet professional to achieve both objectives. You should be comfortable but feel amazing, make sure that outfit is ready to go the evening before! You know shoes cleaned, clothing ironed and brushed etc.

Lastly, plan your schedule to arrive at the bus stop 5-6 minutes early, in a calm state of mind and say ‘Hi ‘to that guy or girl, ask them what they hope their day will bring.

 Plan for tomorrow, set out with a goal or two in mind, and enjoy your day!

You Are Amazing - Have Fun!

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