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Sales Legends Are Not Born.


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There are many sales people out there, similarly there are many actors out there, what they share in common is that only a very few make it to the top.

Sales Legends are not born. They are not made. They develop from the results and actions of people with the talent, who have the passion and the commitment to learn. They have the tenacity to apply what they have learnt intelligently in the field. They sweat in training, actively seek out and adopt mentors, and then motivate themselves to keep practising until they truly excel at their profession. 

Why are there so few?

I challenge that it is because many will settle for  ‘good enough’ and believe that to earn more money, they would have to work much harder, give up lifestyle or do things that are unethical. Some even change companies to get lower targets. In my many years of sales leadership experience, ‘good enough’ seems to be interpreted as somewhere between 85 and 110% of target achieved every quota period.

The problem is, too many of you are sitting out there in your comfort zone, happy enough with ‘good enough’.  Yet if I
could reach out and touch you with the magic wand of motivation, you may amaze yourself. You could exceed all your own expectations, you just have to make the commitment to excellence, and follow through with the elements in this guide.

To be an average achiever is absolutely OK if that is good enough for you. I firmly believe that to be happy in life, many of us only need to meet our own expectations. The world needs you too! With average results most of you will retain your jobs and have decent lifestyles and maybe that is enough for you.

However, I meet many sales people out there who want to know how to achieve much more.
They have more than just hunger. Hungry people when fed, may rest feeling satiated. These potential high achievers are restless, and need always to be moving toward lofty goals to satisfy their own needs for achievement and recognition.

It is entirely possible, although probably hard to believe, that by working smarter, applying oneself with greater commitment and lighting the fire of passion it is possible to significantly increase your success, and therefore your income. You do not need to give up your life, your family and have no time for yourself.
You don’t actually have to work longer hours, you may even be able to work less hours and have more quality time for your family, friends and hobbies.

Comfort Zones are a dangerous place for sales people, and even more devastating for the companies that allow them to flourish. Again, I challenge you when I say that in many organizations sales targets are set too low, or Sales Leaders are too tolerant when they accept repeated performances below 100%.

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