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30 Days of Inspiration is now available in Paperback


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Finally, hot off the presses, the new book '30 Days of Inspiration'  has become a unique companion to The Little Red Success Book.

An awakening to your inner self, to realise your personal potential and be in control of your own destiny.

This is more than a book, this is a personal guide. For just 30 Days, there is a page for each day. If you read the page and take the action, then in just one month you will have:

More time available to focus on your goals, or just have fun

Be less stressed in your lifestyle

Be more in control of your reactions, and where you are going

Be more fulfilled and happier, lighter in load.

Be ready to progess more quickly in your career

30 Days of Inspiration is available right now through:

http://createspace.com/3410222 and will be available by next week on www.amazon.com

If you are a resident of Australia,you can also order either of the books directly from us, just go to http://www.littleredsuccessbook.com

I hope you will enjoy 30 Days of Inspiration, I even use it myself as a daily refresher :-)

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